LAHORE - The WASA Project Management Unit (PMU) will launch midnight field work to ensure timely conclusion of ongoing desilting operations following the reports of more rains forecast during the upcoming monsoon season. The City District Government Lahore has issued orders in this regard. "The authorities have expressed their satisfaction over the ongoing desilting operations in various localities of the Lahore city, however, they have asked the PMU to accelerate these operations and report to them on daily basis," the PMU spokesman informed the media here. The authorities were informed that PMU has already constituted a number of monitoring teams that conduct visits on operation sites on daily basis and prepare reports accordingly. According to a report about the sewerage drains and pipes, in the years 2006-07, the PMU desilted record 200,000 tons waste (72,000 tons in 2006 and 130,000 tons in 2007) from the sewerage drains and pipes of these zones. The PMU spokesman has urged the citizens of the city to avoid dropping waste material into the sewerage drains and pipes so that the performance of the system could be enhanced in the next two years and environment could be saved from getting polluted. The PMU is running the Lahore city's sewerage system rehabilitation project with Rs789m provided by the Japanese govt from Feb 2006. Under this project, the Japanese govt has also provided latest machines and trucks being used for the large scale desilting operations in the city.