HOW the Senate literally turned into a madhouse when PML-Q Senator Tariq Azeem courageously called for the need for consensus building and immediate construction of Kalabagh Dam and termed it indispensable to the countrys power crisis, at least shows that the issue is out of the cold storage and now once again a burning question of the day. This was bound to happen given the severity of the energy crunch that has almost destroyed the economy, besides pushing the country into a state of wild turmoil. The furore erupted immediately after Senator Azeem mentioned Kalabagh Dam. As usual it was the ANP parliamentarians who started spewing venom against him and other supporters of the project. On the other side, it was heartening to see the PML-N openly showing its support for KBD. To all intents and purposes, one conclusion that can be drawn from this debate is that the ANP has lived up its reputation of following an agenda harmful to the interests of Pakistan. At a time when, there is a severe water shortage in Pakistan with New Delhi making all efforts to divert the canal water flowing into Pakistan leaving our energy sector in its death throes, ANP is showing its true colours and really stabbing us in the back. Besides, it should also be clear that the party has exposed its political shortsightedness. One reason why it is against the project is because it simply doesnt have enough issues to do politics upon. By opposing the dam, they actually wish to cast themselves in the role of peoples guardians and consequently get votes in the elections. This is most unfortunate because every person in this hapless country is literally going mad owing to the debilitating energy crisis and wants the government to take some positive action. Is it not a crying shame that the only panacea at the moment, the Kalabagh Dam, has been sabotaged by the ANP. What is equally outrageous is that various independent experts and engineers have also failed to hammer sense into ANP stalwarts. Former Chairman WAPDA Shamsul Mulk has once again stated that contrary to the partys fears, there is absolutely no danger to the city of Nowshera from flooding or submersion. And secondly, why doesnt the partys leadership tell their people the fact that K-P would be the province to benefit the most from the construction of the dam. Hopefully in the days to come, since such is the gravity of the situation, it is expected that more parties and voices would be favouring the Kalabagh Dam and ANPs propaganda machine would surely be snubbed.