MULTAN - Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan has declared on Friday that if Mian Nawaz Sharif contested election, PPP would not erect any candidate against him. Talking to the journalists here at Multan International Airport, he welcomed the verdict regarding dismissal of disqualification petitions against Sharifs and said that Nawaz Sharif should contest election for strengthening democracy in the country. 'Were awaiting Nawaz Sharif in National Assembly after dismissal of petition against him. Well honour Charter of Democracy and not erect candidate against him, he added. Referring to 18th amendment, he said that the amendment would act as Wall of China in way of dictatorship and any dictator staging coup as well as judges protecting him would have to face action under article 6 of Constitution now. He said that judicial commission had been formed under 18th Amendment to end intervention of all external elements in appointment of judges. 'It will eliminate sense of deprivation from all areas including South Punjab, he claimed. He claimed that the situation was improving in Pakistan and entire region due to positive steps adopted by the PPP government and its allies. 'Despite prevailing financial crunch, today our foreign currency reserves are touching ever-high mark of $ 17 billion and the propaganda regarding bankruptcy and failure of Pakistan has also died down, he added. He said that no collision between judiciary and democratic government was going to take place. 'There might be a difference of opinion among institutions on any certain issue but it cant be declared a clash, he observed. He said that neither PPP attacked courts nor it wanted clash with them. 'What we say is that all institutions should work within their limits, he added. He said that PPP government inherited its first budget from its predecessors while the second budget was made with the consultation of PML-N and third one with its allies. 'This budget is the best possible budget in view of current tough conditions, he added. He declared that upcoming 2011 and 2012 budgets would be welfare one. He claimed that PPP would make a clean sweep in Punjab in 2013 polls on the basis of its performance. Referring to cases against PPP leadership, he said that PPP was facing courts and cases for the last 17 years. 'Neither did we abscond nor we shall. Were ready to face the courts, he added. He said that Punjab would be turned into fortress of PPP. He said that no province filed petition against presidents dual offices but it was filed from Punjab. He said that the government had a number of positive developments on its credit like Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan Package and NFC award, high development budget, restoration of peace in Swat and FATA. 'I want to tell the opponents that there will be no short or mid-term elections now. Weve achieved democracy after crossing a river of blood. Well not let any one spoil it, he warned. He said that disqualification was being utilised as a tool to terrify the government but PPP would not accept any pressure. 'Well not accept one-sided accountability.