SIALKOT - Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President Mohammad Ishaq Butt in a Press statement, said that the leather and surgical industries of Pakistan are facing problems due to costly raw materials. The split leather / raw hides (Wet Blue) and surgical forgings are being exported from Pakistan causing its shortage locally, he said. The SCCI President further stated that although 20pc export duty is imposed vide SRO 1011(I)/2005 dated 27th Sept 2005 on the export of raw and wet blue hides and skins to discourage its export but even then it is being exported under similar HS codes. Likewise the surgical forgings are being exported to India causing its shortage in Pakistan. India is adding considerable value to those imported forgings and exporting to international markets earning huge amount of foreign exchange. If the export of the surgical forgings from Pakistan continues, India will become our competitor and the exports from Pakistan would suffer badly. Hence, it is imperative to resolve this issue at the beginning stage. The export of split leather / raw hides (Wet Blue) and surgical forgings from Pakistan be completely banned to safeguard the important industries of the country, he suggested.