ISLAMABAD - Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has made available the draft of Securities (Margin Financing, Lending, Borrowing and Pledging) Rules 2010 on SECPs website, a spokesman of SECP said on Friday. SECP has said that the draft rules which were vetted by the Law Division earlier this month have been made available on the official website of the SECP for seeking public comments. The Federal Government will promulgate these rules after completion of the consultative process. In order to effectively utilise the consultation period, based on the request of some market participants, a meeting has been scheduled on June 22. Moreover the Board of Directors of Karachi Stock Exchange and some prominent market participants will discuss the draft rules. SECP believes that the meeting, which will serve as a brainstorming session, is also expected to discuss various aspects of enhanced risk management in relation to effective/transparent financing products for the capital markets.