LAHORE - The Waka Waka thrills of world soccer competition is being not less enjoyed by the Lahorites than any in Moskva, London, Paris, Roma or any other city of Africa or Latin America. As the round of sixteen, second round is going to start on June 26, the football fever is increasing day by day among the people of all age group in Lahore while other cities of the country are also not without that exuberance. The silence on the roads can be observed during the match hours besides the car parking stands playing at full volume the music of the theme song sung by world fame Shakira (a Colombian pop star) of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Hello Champs Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). One can imagine the craze about football among the youth of Lahore by these lines uttered by Umair, a 17 years old student of a private college Our heart beats with the moves of football in the ground. As we cannot live without water, so football is for us, he replied. The T-Shirts of the favourite teams and those bearing images of renowned players can be seen in DHA Area, Model Town, Gulberg, Walled City, Icchra, Canal View, and even in small localities of the City wiping off the difference of the rich and the poor. The portraits of the Argentinas Lionel Messi - a man who is seen as the natural successor to Diego Maradona, Brazilian footballer midfielder Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Wayne Rooney of England among others have kept close to the hearts on their shirts by the young blood. The footfall fever is getting momentum with every moment in City. Although we love to play and see cricket but how can we miss the world top sports event, Sheraz, the friend of Umair said and added we wish this time an African country takes the prestige of world champion title. Punjab University Professor Munawar Anjum is visualising the enthusiasm among the youth about the sports as a sign of a hope in the nation. Though we have poverty, suicides and terrorist bombing around us but the world has to admit our living hearts through our love for sports, and this soccer, he said and added the streets of the Lahore and other cities of the country cannot be frightened by any mishaps and our spirit for sports is a witness to that. He reassured by quoting the Helen Keller 'although the world is full of suffering, it is full of overcoming of it, adding, our promising youth would defeat every enemy with their enthusiasm and convivial heart. The girls, housewives were also not away from the FIFA cup as the sports channels have now switched over from talks shows and Indian dramas on the TVs during family gathering at night. A senior citizen of Walled City observed There is a little debate on budget, political economy, Rehman Maliks remarks about terrorist chasing or Hamesh Khan proceedings but the foot ball is at high up position. At the same time, the sports are not without the evil aspect of gambling and betting. Though secretly betting in various parts on the world cup matches is on with an eye on the D-day, July 11, when the final of the tournament has to be played.