I was in Vietnam for about a week in May 2010. I was very impressed by the energy, zeal, commitment and integrity of the people of this beautiful country. They are working hard to improve their economic lot so that their country can find its rightful place in the new global economic order. Every Vietnamese I met was anxious that their country be seen as modern and growing. Vietnamese are honest and very sincere, qualities one finds rare in many other parts of the world, especially Pakistan. The country is abuzz with activity and yet retains its old world charm. There is sharp bitterness towards America and the West for a 25-year war that crippled the country. We are Buddhists they say we must move forward with equanimity. I fell in love with this pretty little country with beautiful people. The Vietnamese lost half a million civilians while the Americans lost 58, 193 men of their military in a war that continued for 25 years. I cant make out for what and get still more confused about the reason and logic of it all as I see the details of human sufferings in the War Museum of Saigon. A visit to Vietnam is advisable for all to know about the futility of wars. -GULREZ SHAMI, Rawal-pindi, June 18.