LAHORE - Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal has warned bureaucrats of mending their ways, saying their 'disrespect to honourable elected representatives will not be tolerated at any cost. This is not for the first time that the Speaker has cautioned the officialdom since on many occasions, when the members pointed out that wrong answers to MPAs questions were being submitted, he had also said the same. However, any action is awaited yet even to this date despite the Assembly has completed its over two years. On Friday, during the general discussion of the provincial budget 2010-11, the Speaker again repeated his assertion in response to a Privilege Motion of a Treasury Member Samina Naveed, complaining against an officer who did not respond to her call. The Treasury assured its member that the officers would be duty-bound to listen to elected representatives and keep their honour intact. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan told the House that the Chief Minister Punjab had directed the officers for responding to the calls of the MPAs, and in case of non-availability, they must call back. On the other hand, the bureaucrats were also grilled for not giving due importance to austerity, which had been a 'policy of the present political dispensation. The legislators stressed that the Baboos must also be asked to adopt austerity measures, especially since the CMs Secretariat and cabinet members were sacrificing their perks and privileges. During the general discussion budget, MPA Makhdoom Irteza Altaf Haider, while maintaining that the elected members had always been wrongly criticised for stupendous expenditure and luxuries, averred that contrary to this general perception, millions of rupees were being spent on luxuries of high-ranking officers in the Punjab, while much to dismay, these all expenditures had been included in the head of development programmes. 23 new luxury houses are being constructed in the Gazetted Officers Residences at a cost of Rs 207 million for officers of Grade-20 and above. On the other hand, over Rs 73 million have been spent on renovation of the Chief Secretarys Block at the Punjab Civil Secretariat, Rs 105 million on construction of footpaths, landscaping and lights in the premises of the Secretariat and Rs 26.2 million on the officers gymnasium, he enlisted expenditures, while adding that though the provincial ministers and the CM Secretariat had agreed to a cut of 25 percent in their salaries and expenditure respectively. The austerity initiative must also be made compulsory for the bureaucracy as well to ensure enhanced funds for public welfare, he maintained. He was of the considered opinion that if the bureaucracy was not bridled at this time, then there would be no difference between of the performance of the present government and the previous one. On the other hand, PPPs Syed Hassan Murtaza wanted that the Speaker should allow him to present his motion for cleansing the floor since military dictator Zia-ul-Haq had addressed the House. However, this turned the members to speak at the top of their voices, and there was no order on the floor. Nevertheless Hassan Murtaza completed his resolution orally since his written version was not entertained by the Assembly Secretariat. After completion of the days agenda, the Chair adjourned the House till Saturday (today) 10am.