ISLAMABAD Leaving its own workers in the lurch, a US-based aid organisation, Mercy Corps in the name of policy issues has put the lives of its abducted employees at stake by not paying ransom amount to the abductors. Neal Keny Guyer, the Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Corps in a recently issued press release, has said, We are greatly saddened by Habibullahs killing. It is shocking and tragic that someone dedicated to improve the lives of Pakistanis nationals was killed when he was working with local district health officials in Balochistan to implement health programmes. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and our Pakistani team members, as they go through this tremendously difficult time. Again, the Mercy Corps has revealed that Habibullah was killed earlier this month but his family was informed about his death on Sunday, June 13. Talking with TheNation, Saeedullah, ex-chief of Balochistan chapter of Mercy Corps, informed that the Mercy Corps could pay insurance not ransom amount as per the rules and regulations. He was of the view that the Government of Pakistan and particularly Balochistan government, national and international NGOs could play an important role for the safe recovery of remaining three abducted persons namely Dr Asif, Project Manager, Babrak Suleman, Administration Officer and Iftikhar Shafiq, an anthropologist and Coordinator Zhob. They were abducted by unidentified armed men in Qila Saifullah when they were returning to Quetta from Zhob. Similarly, Dr Arif Noor, Director Health Programmes (Mercy Corps) confirmed that the Mercy Corps had suspended its operation in Pakistan. The abducted staff members were working with local district health officials in Balochistan to implement health programmes. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the informed sources had revealed that the kidnappers had communicated with the top administration of the aid organisation and the family members of kidnapped relief workers. They clearly demanded a hefty amount of Rs 100 million as ransom for their release. Upon this, the Mercy Corps has categorically stated that it would not pay the ransom amount to the kidnappers. When the demands of the kidnappers were not met even after lapse of four months, they finally killed one of the abductees. Habibullah, 52, a resident Quetta, was working as a driver for the Mercy Corps. His family members have also confirmed his murder by saying that they had seen a video released by the kidnappers. The video showed Habibullah being taken to a mountainous area by his kidnappers and subsequently beheaded. Habibullah has left a wife and nine children behind. Furthermore, the family of Iftikhar Shafiq (abducted anthropologist), when contacted, made an appeal to the abductors for the safe and sound release of these workers in the name humanity. They also requested the Government, Balochistan Government, national and international community to play their role for their release.