ISLAMABAD (APP) - All female journalists should be accredited and their membership with all media organisations, NGOs working on women journalists issues and National Press Club (NPC) should be ensured. Female journalists demanded this in a meeting held at the National Press Club (NPC). Despite the fact that many women have joined the media in recent years, the overall numbers remain considerably low. Women not only have to face social constraints and family pressures but are also the worst victims of job security as they are often the first ones to be fired when it comes to downsizing. The female journalists demanded that the activities of all private organisations working for the female journalists should be made open and a committee in the Press Club be formed to monitor the working of these organisations especially the extent to which they serve the female journalists community. Female journalists belonged to other cities should be accommodated in government hostels and provided soft loans to address mobility issues. Provision of latest equipment such as voice recorders, laptops etc can enhance their professionalism. Some arrangement should be made to provide them with such professional tools on easy instalments, they demanded. Arrangements should be made to facilitate their access to places like jails, Dar ul Amman, women centres etc for reporting purposes. They should be briefed on the facilities they can enjoy as journalists and the process to access these facilities. They should be made part of research projects and documentaries made by both public and private sectors on a priority basis. This will not only financially empower them but will also build their capacity. Such initiatives will contribute in their capacity building more than any workshop or seminar. Female journalists should always be consulted before conducting any workshop so that they can suggest what kind of training they really require and what they expect from the activity. They should be provided international exposure as part of capacity building. Leadership and communication workshops should be arranged for them and they should be provided chance to express themselves through talk shows and interactive discussions.