Islamabad - Indian move to mend fences and resume Secretary-level talks with Pakistan from June 24 seems to be a part of well thought out Indo-US plot that analysts warned could be used as a double edge sword against Islamabad. Background discussions and interviews with a number of retired diplomats, political and security experts revealed that the Indian move would have far reaching adverse implications on Pakistan. It is a US ploy. The timing of the Indian generosity talks are camouflaged and may have direct implications on Afghan situation sources revealed, arguing that since US-led forces were actively embarked on their exit Afghanistan strategy with standing offer to India for extraordinary role in training of Afghan National Army (ANA), therefore, Islamabad had to be careful while dealing with India. Blaming the Indo-Afghan intelligence nexus against Islamabad that the duo were allegedly enjoying the US patronage to destabilising Pakistan, some security experts believed would have direct implications on Pakistans national security. They also accused the Indo-Afghan intelligence nexus of plotting abduction of dozens of Pakistani troops from Pak-Afghan border and took them to Afghanistans Jalalabad city while putting the blame on Afghani Taliban. Given the kind of situation in Afghanistan, style of intelligence operations of the Indo-Afghan nexus, action such as the one plotted against Pakistani troops fighting the insurgents was quite possible, a security analyst said. They questioned the measures taken by the US-led forces as well as Afghan National Army to curb the illegal border crossing and believed that the US created ISAF had miserably failed in realising goals set out in Afghanistan. Another factor that the sources insisted, that Islamabad needed careful study ahead of going on negotiation with India was the Indian trade ambitions. They were of the view that the US and its Western allies were still actively seeking transit trade facilities for India to and from Afghanistan; therefore, Pakistan should prevent itself from falling into the Indian trap. They were in unison in their opinion that Pakistan should avoid making any concessions to India beyond the scope of the bilateral mechanisms and should wait until the US makes its exit Afghanistan plan thoroughly exposed.