PAKISTAN is passing through testing times due to war on terror imposed by outsiders that now has penetrated on our soil. We have lost more lives in this war than any other nation. Not only our soldiers but thousands innocent civilians also lost their life in this brutal war. Pakistan with meager resources can proudly claim that its army achieved meaningful success in this war. It really pains every Pakistani when our efforts are seen with suspicion in the countries that we are helping in ensuring global peace. A recent example in this regard is the so called investigative report by a researcher at London School of Economics. The author of the malicious report about a nexus between ISI and Taliban Matt Waldman has also worked as a defense adviser for the British Liberal Democrat Party, which is now a junior partner in the British government. He advised his party on Iraq and Afghanistan when both countries were under the Western occupation. Malt Waldman is presently working as an analyst at Harvard Universitys Carr Center for Human Rights in the United States. The Carr Center has links with the US military establishment. It was involved in helping the US military to formulate counter-insurgency measures in occupied Iraq. In 2006, the Carr Center assisted General David Petraeus in his plans to fight the Iraqi resistance. Under the policy, 25,000 American troops were to be sent to Iraq. It resulted in killings of hundreds of Iraqis, while thousands were arrested and tortured. Another actor in the saga is the British newspaper the Sunday Times. The newspaper has published Matt Waldmans report and wrote: According to a report published today by the London School of Economics, which backs up months of research by this newspaper, Pakistan appears to be playing a double game of astonishing magnitude in Afghanistan . Rupert Murdochs News Corporation owns the Sunday Times. Mr. Murdoch is a right-wing businessman who supports military action, and he seems to believe in the Western domination of the world. The Sunday Times is known for its links with the British security services the MIS and the M16. These are the few startling revelations that need to be brought into the notice of newspaper readers so that they could know as to how Pakistan is being targeted. There is no second opinion about it Pakistan is being marginalized at the behest of different Indian and Western lobbies quite active against it for years now. The report prepared by Mr Matt Waldman is somehow a replica of a report published by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) a few months back. Everybody knows that Pakistan is a frontline ally in United States war against extremist elements and not less than 25000 of civilians have fallen prey to terrorist attacks and above President Asif Ali Zardari himself is a victim of terrorism and how can he broker a deal with the killers of his wife Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Our Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies were attacked many times. The report issued by the London School of Economics is not at all an investigative report based on facts and reasons but a pack of lies. Quite surprisingly, the author of the report claimed to have interviewed dozens of the leaders of Taliban and Quetta Shura but no specific personality from Pakistani side was revealed. Pakistanis are a peace-loving nation and the condemn terrorism in all its forms in strongest possible terms. (The writer is the president of LCCI).