LAHORE PML-Ns Parliamentary Board members will be made answerable if a person having false credentials succeeds in getting the party ticket in future, TheNation has learnt. PML-N insiders privy to developments in this regard told this correspondent on Friday that party Quaid Nawaz Sharif conveyed his dismay in this regard to partys Parliamentary Board about scrutiny of candidates, awarded tickets for the 2008 general elections in the backdrop of cases about PML-N Parliamentarians having fake degrees. Nawaz directed the Parliamentary Board to scrutinise the credentials of persons who aspire to get party ticket for by-polls or next general elections and enquire about the educational qualifications, etc, of any individual from their respective areas before submitting recommendations for awarding ticket to party Quaid. These directions are aimed at averting happenings of 2008 in this regard and to maintain strict discipline and accountability among the ranks of Parliamentary Board for the process of awarding party tickets. While, the partys high command is considering to cancel the basic membership of such party members who wilfully tried to get the party ticket on false credentials. Such party members may also be expelled from the party, stated the insiders. Parliamentary Board has also been directed to not only scrutinise the educational credentials of candidates but also to check whether or not they were involved in any immoral or criminal activities. It merits mentioning that PML-N Quaid along with members of his inner circle came back home in November 2007 and they had no sufficient time to inquire about the backgrounds of their candidates vis-a-vis general elections of 2008. However, Nawaz, taking serious notice of bogus degree holders among the ranks of partys parliamentarians, directed Haji Pervaiz to resign from his National Assembly seat when he was found involved in holding a fake degree, and PML-Ns high command later asked for more resignations from such parliamentarians. PML-Ns high command, despite the elimination of condition of graduation for contesting elections had not awarded tickets to those, found involved in holding fake degrees.