LAHORE - The Muslim Ulema and masses will be forced to launch a fresh Khatm-e-Nubuwwat movement if the Qadyanis did not concede their minority status and the government kept silent on their blasphemous and unconstitutional acts, Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Syed Munawar Hasan said while addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora. He said the killings at the Qadyanis worship places in the City had been condemned by all sections of the society. Munawar Hasan said enemies of Islam and not the Muslims carried out these attacks. However, after these, the Qadyanis projected themselves as an oppressed community and were not prepared to accept their minority status. All this was being done at the behest of foreign powers and a section of the Press was also supporting them, he added. He said under the Constitution, the Qadyanis were a minority and they were violating the Constitution by claiming themselves as Muslims. No one in the government was taking note of all this as the official circles were keeping quiet on outside pressure. He warned that the people would be forced to launch a fresh movement against the Qadyanis in the present situation. He slated target killings in Karachi and Balochsitan and asked the Interior Minister to name the foreign powers involved in that. He said the Karachi situation was explosive and but the government had shut its eyes. He said that a large-scale war had started in FATA and dozens of troops had been abducted. The image of the army had been damaged in this war and the nation and the country had suffered irreparable losses. Because of the war, the government was imposing different taxes to meet the expenditure, which was causing price hike and discontent among the people. Therefore, he said, it w as high time to pull out of this war.