The impression our security agencies give to the public, on whose taxes they live on, is that not a bird flaps a wing in the land without their prior knowledge. How did these foreigners, then, acquire on rent houses in Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar without our super spooks getting even a whiff? Newspapers have revealed presence of us Marines in Islamabad but the government tells the people that no foreign boots were allowed in the country. A local English language daily has also reported some weeks ago that two houses in the Generals Colony in Lahore were leased out to some Americans who have since installed ominous-looking antennas on the roofs. Some of these inmates in the rented houses have even misbehaved with their neighbours. Arent our American guests way past the limits of their hosts capacity for hospitality? Or are they the new owners of the place? Latest is that our American 'friends (since weve lost the sense to tell friends from foes) have hired a number of houses in posh localities in Quetta too. Now Balochistan is already on a sizzle due to troubles and our friends have lodged themselves right in the midst. It seems the people dont ask questions for the fear of disappearing. -MEHRAN LEGHARI, Lahore, June 16.