PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer said Friday that Taliban do exist in Punjab and that the provincial government is hesitant in accepting this reality. In an interview with BBC, the Governor said that the banned outfits active in Rahimyar Khan and Muzaffargarh were involved in the assault on Ahmedis worship places but the government is hesitating in exposing their names. Terrorists dont have peoples support. They just hate them. Religious groups have only two seats in 371-member Punjab Assembly, he said. While criticising Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, he said that he is spending billions of rupees just for fame. The policy of discrimination is breeding inferiority complex in southern Punjab, he added. He also blamed the Punjab CM for building seven camp offices, apart from his Raiwind 'Palace and several homes in Model Town. Punjab government spent Rs18 billion on building Raiwind road. When asked by BBC about ordering Rs2.5 million Mercedes, Taseer said that he already owns a Mercedes and is the owner of companies worth billions of dollars. He said he didnt need a car on government expenses but had ordered one for the Governor House where head of states often visited and needed to be taken around. BBC also asked Taseer why he was so active compared to the governors of other provinces and why he had taken up such a political role, Taseer said that he wants to strengthen the govt and do not want to do a shameful job like his predecessors.