KARACHI - Gold reached record high in the history of the country after two times increase in a single day on Friday by Rs600 to Rs3,9700 per tola due to the decrease in the value of the US dollar in the international market. According to the chairman of the All Sindh Sarafa Jewelers Association Haji Haroon, the prices are expected to increase further to over $ 1300 per ounce in the international market in the current month. He said that the investors are now feeling it safe to invest in the gold as compared to the property and other currencies. The prices are expected to increase further in the month because of the devaluation of dollar in the international market. It will decrease further with impact of gain in the gold prices around the world, however, the gold will also decrease to some extent but the future for gold prices is very bright he added. Haji Haroon pointed out that India and China are moving towards converting their foreign reserves into gold. On the other hand the price of per 10 gm has increased by Rs512 to Rs34,028. It is pertinent to mention here that this record high of gold prices was also seen in 2009 when 10 gm gold price increased to Rs33,342 while per tola reached Rs38,900.