ISLAMABAD The top brass of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is all set to waste a huge amount of national wealth by appointing a Dutch coach for the national hockey team, TheNation reliably learnt. The sources informed that Michel Van Den Heuvel had demanded a staggering salary with other perks and privileges. How is it possible for a country like Pakistan where the top players are being paid some thousands a month - that too in the name of central contract - to give such a huge amount to one person who is even not a much well-known figure by all means. There is no surety that he can deliver what the team needs desperately. Rather than wasting such a huge amount on an individual, the PHF must utilise this sum for the betterment of the players, giving them confidence and providing them an atmosphere where they dont have any fear about earning bread and butter for themselves and their families by other means. The peace of mind is vitally necessary for a sportsman and how can one concentrate on playing when one is not getting what one deserves? Qasim Zia and Asif Bajwa qualify for the international coaching standards which the FIH has set. These gentlemen should come forward in rendering their services for the nation at this hour of need. Being the President and the Secretary respectively, it is their moral duty to take advice from the past greats rather than putting the entire set-up at stake. In the past too a Dutch coach was appointed by the PHF but the results proved that step a complete failure. It seems that things may not change much in the future too if the PHF high command continues its policy. Pakistani hockey team in the past had won major trophies with its own coaches. It is true the game has changed fast during the last few years. The hockey is now being played on the Astroturf rather than natural grass. Asian style of game was not only beautiful and but also it was a treat to watch. All these changes in hockey rules were made to accommodate the Europeans. The Asians left far behind the Europeans just because they failed to adopt conditions. If the PHF does not wake up now, the day is not very far when Pakistan Hockey will be remembered only in history. Hockey is above all the national game of Pakistan and deserves better treatment. Like cricket, the hockey stars should be provided more facilities and pay raise. Qasim Zia being the President of PHF must act now before it is too late. There is no need of a foreign coach for the national team and the PHF can take advantage from Akhtar Rasool, Hassan Sardar, Islahuddin, Samiullah and so many other great past stars.