KARACHI - The DNA report on PNS Mehran attack has finally confirmed that all attackers were foreigners. According to SSP Investigation Niaz Khoso, the Sindh Police have received a DNA report on PNS Mehran attack that left 10 security personnel killed and 15 others injured on May 22. Niaz said the report had confirmed that all terrorists, who were in their mid-twenties, were Eurasian. He added that all terrorist had blood relations to each other and they might be brothers or cousins. The sources said, apart from DNA report, there was no major breakthrough in the case since attack, although law enforcement agencies claimed progress in investigations. They said the terrorists used Russian made weapons including rockets, LMGs, SMGs and Kalashnikovs in this attack. They said the gunbattle between security forces and the terrorists took place in the range of 80 to 100 meters. They said the ethnicity of the terrorists had now been confirmed as Eurasian through DNA report.