OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE UK?High Commissioner Adam Thomas called on Governor Latif Khosa at the Governors house on Saturday. Adam Thomson briefed the Governor about British governments assistance in re-structuring of primary education in Pakistan. The British government will provide 208 million pounds sterling to Pakistan, and this amount will be increased to 446 million next year, he said, adding that the British wished to increase the number of children in primary schools, while transparency in primary education was also the motive of his government. Khosa said Pakistan enjoyed fraternal relations with the UK. He urged the British government to help Pakistan in access to the European Union (EU) as well US markets. Khosa said that education was the antidote to intolerance, extremism and terrorism in the country, adding that only education could help to stem the rot. Punjab Governor also sought British expertise in other areas including transport, higher education as well as information technology.