This is in response to News published in Daily Nation dated 21 May 2011 by Sikander Shaheen. NDU has a status of a think tank and regularly organizes workshops, seminars and scenario development exercises to provide a platform to people from various walks of life to have an interaction with fellows, analysts, policymakers, journalists, think tanks and others to share their perspectives. Here fellows may share experiences and hone their problem-solving skills to make suggestions. A large number of prominent guest speakers are invited to address on various current issues to the audience comprised of prominent civilians, alumni of National Security Workshops, ex-ambassadors and representatives from think tanks i.e. ISSI, IPRI, SASSI, etc. NDU follows a policy of non attribution hence the information passed to the author is perhaps based on hearsay and has been based on incorrect proposition. Ambassador Haqqani did not solely address the military officers, rather he addressed a mixed gathering of approximately 77 people out of think tanks, faculty of contemporary studies, eminent civilians and hardly 18 military officers. On his inquiry the audience gave a mixed response and was evenly divided on main threat to Pakistan between domestic context, India or USA. It is mis-interpreted by the author that there were polls or overwhelming opinion expressed regarding United States being the No 1 threat to Pakistan. The proceedings are recorded and can be shown as documentary evidence to verify the factual position. LIEUTENANT GENERAL AGHA M. UMER FAROOQ, President NDU, Islamabad, June 18.