FAISALABAD - Divisional Commissioner Syed Tahir Hussain has announced that two under passes on the both sides of Abdullah Pur square will be constructed in the next fiscal year. Former Punjab CM Ch Pervaiz Elahi had allocated Rs850 million for the construction of two underpasses at Abdullah Pur square and three more underpasses at Jhal Khanoana square, Punjab Medical College square and at Chenab Club square. At that time the total allocated amount Rs850 million were declared sufficient for the construction of these five underpasses however, the present provincial government has failed to implement these development projects, making the citizens to question Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif as to why these project were not implemented despite allocation of funds and lapse of five years. The commissioner has also announced to spend Rs190 million on the development of the Health and Education sectors in Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and Chiniot districts the Faisalabad division. He also announced construction of Faisalabad-Jhang-Chiniot dual carriageway. After award of district status in 2009, Faisalabad-Chiniot dual carriageway was constructed and it was completed to a large extent. Former Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi, in his tenure, had also allocated funds of Rs750 million for the mega project regarding construction of various roads in Faisalabad. These projects included six-lane road from Sargodha Road to Kamal Pur Motorway Interchange and Millat Road from Deputywala Interchange. The construction work of Sargodha Road was undertaken and it was up-graded to six-lane but the Millat Road to Deputywala could not initiated as per the plan resulting in the traffic flow from Motorway could not be diverted towards this road. It is to be noted that residents of Gulistan Colony, Nishatabad, Malikpur, Haji Abad, Mansoor Abad and Guttwala use Sargodha Road to enter Motorway due to the worst condition of Millat Road. Ch Pervaiz also allocated funds for the constructing service roads on Canal Road from Khanoana square to Guttwala square and announced Rs600 million for the project. At the time when the local bodies system was suspended which has been so to-date, the city district government was having only Rs450 million for the construction of service roads on Canal Road. With the thriving population along the Canal Road, the traffic mess vis-a-vis accident has been increasing day-by-day while 'Qabza Mafia has also been active in grabbing land of greenbelts on Canal Road that was to be used for the construction of service roads. The divisional commissioner should play his effective role in this regard. In fact the present provincial government of PML-N has badly failed to carry out development projects in Faisalabad. It has been height of the apathy that the funds for Faisalabad development were carried away by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah and Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Raiz for their electoral constituencies. While on the other hand, the silence on the part of the Punjab CM on all such activities is surprising but also lamentable. The citizens are of the view that why the Punjab CM was not taking notice of the situation and directing steps to address the grave problems of the citizens as this city is known as fortress of PML-N. During rule of Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf, 403 acres land was allocated fro the new campus of GC University Faisalabad on Canal Road but due to the vested interest some PML-N MPAs, the Punjab CM is not ready to take a final decision regarding the construction of GCU new campus which will benefit people of Nankana Sahib, Chiniot, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang and other nearby districts. The citizens expect the Punjab CM would play his role for the construction of GCU new campus as after its construction its old campus of GCU could be turned into a women university. The citizens also want the current Punjab government to answer that why it shelved the Faisalabad ring road project which was approved by the previous government. The proposed six to 10-km long project was to be constructed from Clock Tower Square, linking Jaranwala Road, Satiana Road, Samundari Road, Jhang Road, Rajbah Road, Narwala Road, Ismail Road, Chak Jhumra Road, Millat Road, Sargodha Road and Canal Road in circle shape to end traffic mess in the city vis--vis control rising pollution but the Punjab government shelved all such development projects. The citizens demanded that the Divisional commissioner and the DCO should work for the development of the city and asked the Punjab CM not to ignore Faisalabad as it is the second largest city of the province and political hub the PML-N.