It would be too much to rely on the assessment of a political observer and assume that the US intends showing a kindlier face to Pakistan and replace the two P3C Orion aircraft that it has lost in the Mehran naval base terrorist attack. Not only that. To calm Pakistans feelings outraged by certain recent events the getting away of CIA agent Raymond Davis with the blood of two Pakistanis on his hands and the secret nightly operation at Abbottabad, for instance David Ignatius surmises that the US would also extend its help in resolving the Kashmir dispute with India; continue to supply it spares of F-16; redress its concerns about New Delhis role in Afghanistan; vacate the Shamsi airbase; and hand over the control of Warsak Training Centre to Pakistan Army. But, this is how Ignatius feels, based probably on vague hints dropped by some Obama Administration officials, that the strains in the Pak-US relations could be ironed out. There is no such commitment. And let us not forget that it is not an uncommon trait of the US to wriggle out of commitments as well. When the countries to whom such friendly gestures have been shown have served Washingtons purpose, it would have no qualms about turning its back on them. Islamabad has had an ample experience of it; and now the accusations of double dealing against it are being made to prepare the ground for backing out of the 'firm promise of long-lasting friendship. The media, particularly the Nawa-i-Waqt group, has been most vocal right from the beginning to warn the government of the fickle nature of these overtures. The US cannot be blamed, at least, for not giving indications of its impending betrayal of Pakistan. Nice words were not only followed by pressure to abandon plans vital to our economy the Iranian gas pipeline, for example but also extraordinary favours were shown to India in violation of international treaties as well as giving it a free hand in Afghanistan to enable it to try destabilising Quetta. Even President Karzai, who had remained ISIs guest in Pakistan for nine long years, is launching cross-border raids at the American behest. The pity is that he ignores the reality of having to live with neighbours without the foreign masters support once they have gone home. Yet, our leadership ceded ever more privileges to the US, in defiance of the dictates of the countrys sovereignty. The public was kept in the dark to avoid pressure to withdraw them. Our political parties kept bickering about petty matters and neglecting the basic point that only a united approach to issues of national interest can ward off dangers to the countrys solidarity and integrity. It is time for all of them, in power and out of it, to make no compromise in defending these interests. They would find the entire nation solidly behind them.