The use of drugs for narcotic effect is briskly withering the youth of our country. It is a heart stopping news that we have the largest number of drug addicts in the world and the problem is deteriorating day in day out. Unfortunately, the consumption of addictive drugs is increasing with a frightening swiftness in our country. According to a report by Anti Narcotics Force, there are about nine million drug abusers in our society and every year 0.6 million fresh addicts join the multitude of drug abusers. There are 90% men and 10% women drug abusers in Pakistan. Joblessness and poverty are the two main curses that are pushing the youth of our country in the slough of addiction. There is hardly any city of Pakistan where you won't come across the groups of young people injecting themselves with drugs to escape the harsh realities of life. In order to inebriate themselves, the addicts resort to petty crimes like snatching mobiles and stealing. The addicts deserve government's attention and help. There is a dire need to make rehabilitation centres in every city of Pakistan. If we don't assist the helpless addicts, they will fall an easy prey to terrorist outfits to the detriment of our country. To eliminate addiction is as vital as to defend our borders from an external threat and the powers that be should merit solemn consideration to wipe out the menace of drug addiction before long. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, June 18.