The protest demonstrations against loadshedding witnessed in Pirwadhai area of Rawalpindi on Friday, where the scene looked like a battlefield gives a strong impression that the country is heading towards complete chaos and social unrest. It was only after scores of protestors had been wounded and teargas shells fired on them near Mehranabad checkpost that the Peshawar road could be cleared for traffic. Such disturbances could be expected to happen and the people cannot be blamed in the face of scorching heat, long spells of nerve-racking power outages and then high billing rates. The supply and demand gap has reportedly reached a staggering 5000MW while the oil supply to power plants has inexplicably decreased. It is hard to find a government in recent history that has more pathetically failed to grapple with the energy crisis than the present set-up. Indeed, it is not only electricity but gas and petrol that are in shortage; yet the government seems least bothered. It is a crying shame that the countrys lifeline, Kalabagh Dam, has been most callously abandoned despite the fact that it would produce plenty of cheaper power, energise the economy and at the same time store a huge quantity of water, saving the country downstream from the disastrous affects of floods witnessed last year and supplying additional water for irrigations purposes to boot. It is simply criminal to shelve it on parochial grounds. The site for Kalabagh Dam as shown in the feasibility study is ideal for a large reservoir of water and would never go in need of desilting once it is built. With all these plus points, it should be clear that the political forces that have been opposing its construction act on the agenda of our enemies. The Zardari government can still redeem itself in the eyes of the public if it immediately goes ahead with the Kalabagh project.