LAHORE (APP) - Pakistan's youngest special cyclist Fajar Zaheer said that representing Pakistan in Athens Summer Special Olympics is a dream coming true and at that young age she is committed to put up her a memorable performance in cycling event. "It is quite amazing feeling that I would be representing Pakistan in the mega event and few months ago I did not know that I would be a part of Pakistan contingent to feature in Olympics for special athletes ",said 11-year-old Lahore born Fajar. She will be underling her talent in cycling. At the age of just 11 years, Fajar earns the unique distinction of being the youngest athlete of the 90-member contingent which will be taking part in the Olympics starting from June 25 being participated by 7500 athletes drawn from 185 nations. She took up cycling knowing that this discipline of the game required a lot of energy, stamina and endurance and impressed with her performance in Punjab Special Games held at Lahore winning a gold medal last year. "I know it is not going to be easy at all but despite all that I trained myself to best of my abilities ",she said adding " I am well right on the path of excellence ". Winning the gold at National level Punjab Special Games proved a much needed opening for her and she built on her success by winning a gold in Punjab Games cycling event, finally got selected to represent Pakistan in special Olympics.