NOORPUR THAL Kissan Board staged a protest against artificial shortage of urea fertilizers and undue profits from the farmers. Prominent farmers belong to Thal including Raja Tariq Masood, Muhammad Amin, Malik Nasir Iqbal, Malik Mushtaq Hussain Mughal and Advocate Malik Ghulam Shabbir said this in a meeting with media men at local Press Club here. They said that exorbitant increase in the prices of urea fertilizer conspiracy against the govt. They appealed to the authorities concerned to take strict action against black-marketeers for increasing the prices arbitrarily and unilaterally. They alleged that the local administration was doing nothing in the regard. The farmers urged the government to establish a monitoring team for the purpose. They also warned that if the govt did not take action against urea black-marketeers, the growers would launch a protest movement against the govt.