ISLAMABAD - As the deadline for devolution of the last batch of ministries to the provinces is approaching the government was in a fix what to do with the brigade of ministers and how to appease the ever-demanding coalition partners. The legal and constitutional experts in Pakistan Peoples Party were busy working out a strategy to get out from this difficult situation as the government was finding it difficult to delay or defer the devolution of the ministries most of which were recently doled out to the new coalition partner - Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid). Sources in the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party informed The Nation that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday held a detailed meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari wherein besides discussing the overall political situation in the country particularly the deteriorating law and order in the port city of Karachi and the issue of reshuffle in the cabinet in the wake of devolution of ministries came under sharp focus. A number of options including the deferment of the devolution process came under discussion but both the leaders could not reach at any conclusion as the deferment of the devolution process would require another amendment, which the government was not in a position right now to get it passed from the Upper House of the Parliament. Sources in the government further informed that the nationalist parties from smaller provinces, which are part of the ruling coalition, had made it clear to the government that they would not accept the halt or reversal of the devolution process and warned of severe reaction in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. On the other hand the main opposition party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has also come out of their slumber and is giving tough time to the ruling coalition both inside and outside of the Parliament and could hardly facilitate the rulers in this connection. The chances of inclusion of the deferment of devolution of some of the ministries like Ministry of Health and Ministry of Minorities Affairs with the recently approved draft of 20th Amendment in the Constitution by the Federal Cabinet are bleak, as the government could not get it sailed through from both the houses of the Parliament, especially from the Upper House, when some of the coalition partners would also not support it. However, the reshuffle in the portfolios of the federal and state ministers in the federal cabinet would be done sometime in the first half of the next month, as by June-end the matter of devolution of ministries would be settled. The sources informed that the chances of taking new faces in the federal cabinet from Pakistan Peoples Party are bleak, as after the devolution of more ministries to the provinces the government would have a big task to accommodate the ministers who would be losing their portfolios after the handing over of their ministries to the provinces. Sources in the PPP informed that the discontent and resentment in the party ranks was growing due to this situation while on the other hand the party leadership was holed up in a difficult situation to keep the huge coalition boat afloat as the demands of coalition partners was also growing by each passing day.