The Indus Water Treaty ceded the three eastern rivers to India and made provisions for replacement works on the western rivers to compensate for the loss of the three rivers. Mangla dam was built on Jhelum river for the immediate needs of industry and agriculture of Pakistan bringing about an industrial and green revolution. Tarbela dam built on the Indus increased irrigation supplies by 25 percent. Chashma and Taunsa barrages were built downstream of Tarbela dam to feed the canals in south Punjab previously serviced by the Sutlej river. Kalabagh dam was to be built to feed the canals in north Punjab previously serviced by the Ravi river. Without transfer of water from the surplus region to the deficient region the Treaty would become punitive. Could it have been the intention of the Treaty to take away three rivers without making provisions for replacement waters. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 17.