WAZIRABAD - Mrs Aisha of Aisha Caan Foundation, United Kingdom said that Islam has protected and dignified women contrary to other civilisations. Addressing the inaugural ceremony in Gul Amin Residence, a girls hostel, in Educational Complex in Sohdra, she said educated women make a history. The Management of Muslim Hands International is impressive. Less attention was given to the education of women while Islam advises better education for them. Islam is protector of the rights of women. Education is compulsory for male and female, she added. Education helps people face the challenges of life and understand rights and duties as well, she said. She praised the MHI was a well-organised NGO, saying Construction, maintenance and management of the Educational Complex is much impressive which attracted me to build Gul Amin Residence in memory of my late father. Addressing on the occasion, MHI Country Manager Syed Ziaul Noor stated that the Pakistani nation has huge potential. Making a nation successful and dignified is a process of centuries which have a number of examples in the history, he added. He further said that education is essential for all but technical and moral training is also important. Pakistani is the best nation but needs proper education and training, Mr Noor said.