OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali on Saturday addressed the students of Nazariati Summer School and highlighted the importance of scientific as well as religious education on them. Nazria Pakistan Trust Vice-chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad and renowned scholar Ataullah Siddiqui also present on the occasion. He emphasized on the students for character building besides taking guidance from the teaching of the Holly Quran. Earlier, he was welcome by the students at the Summer School. The students also participated in various programs on the third day of the campus. Meanwhile, mobile Ideological Units of Nazria Pakistan Trust led by their coordinators in connection of Aghi Ceremony visited various schools on Saturday. The units visited Jamia Naeem-ul-Quran Shahdrah, Darululoom Sher-e-Rabbani Baghbanpura, City Scholars Public High School and Al-noor Girls High School while the teachers Rafique Raza, Haji Saeed, Abdul Hameed and Saima Naz presided over the ceremonies in the institutions respectively. The students were awarded prizes in quiz competitions and the schools were gifted with books.