Pakistans ambassador to USA, Hussain Haqqani has discounted media characterization of a breakdown in relations, between Pakistan and USA as clearly an exaggerated, hyperbole and soundbites. Talking to CNN, Pakistani ambassador has said that media sources were misconstruing the baseless notions regarding bad relationship between two countries. He said that he had always been asked by American Congressmen regarding non-arrest of persons who had allegedly 'abetted Osama Bin Laden settle down in a safe compound of Abbottabad. While Pakistan was also accused of arresting Pakistani officials those who collaborated with American authorities for 'attack on Osama Bin Laden (OBL) . Haqqani said that some officials were arrested for abetting foreign agencies, but that occasionally happened, anywhere in world. Allies share intelligence. They should not be found conducting espionage on one another he reasoned, adding that it was high time for all to take a deep breath and objectively evaluate the realities of the relationship between America and Pakistan in a way that strengthened mutually shared goals and objectives. He said that after 'discovery of OBL living in Abbottabad Americans were quite suspicious over this lack of adequate cooperation between two governments, militaries and intelligence services. Haqqani observes that conversely, the standing of the United States in Pakistan, which has not been high for decades, has sunk to what may be its lowest level in history; as most Pakistanis mistrust the motives of USA, for somehow manipulating, exploiting, patronizing and treating Pakistan with contempt. He reminded of an enormous price in Pakistans fight against extremism and terrorism, suffering 35,000 civilians killed, more Pakistani soldiers lost than all of NATO combined, 2,000 police dead and massive losses to economy in investment, trade and infrastructure. Appreciating America's support, he nevertheless urged for a closer review of the notion that America has 'given Pakistan $20 billion since 9/11, and had to be seen in context. Stressing that all the blood, sweat, effort, grit and guts are those of a Pakistan that bears the brunt of the battle against terrorism, he urged that both sides can and should do better to lower the decibels and strengthen the bilateral bond. He quoted recent U.S. Adm. Mullens advice to Congress, that "If we walk away from relationship with Pakistan, it will be a much more dangerous place a decade from now, and we'll be back."