ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Bar Council decided to seek Judicial Commission proceedings details regarding the appointment of superior court judges. The PBC meeting, held at the Supreme Court building here on Saturday, in which 19 out of 22 members have participated. The executive body members pondered upon the Judicial Commissions role and demanded that the process for the appointment of judges under 18th Amendment should be made transparent. The sources told The Nation, that the PBC body had passed a unanimous resolution against the in-camera meetings of the Judicial Commission. They said that the Judicial Commission session should not have in-camera session of the judges appointments. When Dr Khalid Ranjha, who represents the bar council in Judicial Commission was asked to brief the member about the Judicial Commission proceedings, he refused and said that JCP members have taken oath, therefore he could not say anything about its proceedings. The bar council has decided to seek the record of Judicial Commissions meetings from its secretary, who is Registrar of the Supreme Court. According to the Sub-Section 4 of Rule 5 of the Rules of Judicial Commission of Pakistan 2010, The proceedings of the Commission shall be held in-camera. A record of the proceedings shall be prepared and maintained by the secretary duly certified by the chairman under his hand. However, the section 8 of JCP Rules says; Without prejudice to the foregoing, the chairman may relax strict application of these rules in the public interest. Judicial Commission and the Parliamentary Committee were formed under Article 175A of the Constitution, which was inserted through 18th Amendment. The Commission by majority of its total-membership shall nominate to the Parliamentary Committee one person, for each vacancy of a judge in the Supreme Court, a high court or the Federal Shariat Court, as the case may be. The committee on receipt of a nomination from the commission may confirm the nominee by majority of its total membership within fourteen days, failing which the nomination shall be deemed to have been confirmed. If a nomination is not confirmed by the committee it shall forward its decision with reasons to the commission through the prime minister.