MALAKAND Excessive loadshedding ranging from 12 to 14 hours and low voltage has irked people of Malakand, as mostly the rural areas faces loadshedding for the whole night, it is learnt. The people in various areas of Malakand, including Agra, Kot, Heroshah, Palai, Sakhakot and Darga, said that heavy loadshedding ranging from 12 to 14 hours made their lives miserable. A survey revealed that in most of the areas electric appliances did not properly work due to low voltage - 150 to 170 volts. In most rural areas of Malakand there is a cute water shortage due to this reason. Sources said. There are three hydropower houses in Dargai, Malakand producing about 100 MW of electricity while total consumption of the people in Malakand is estimated less than 6 MW. One citizen among the survey explained. He said that it is the right of the people in Malakand to get full time electric supply and zero load shedding, as they produce more electric current for the nation. Despite this Malakand get heavy load shedding than other areas in the province. He added. The masses in Malakand during the survey have asked the provincial government to draw out Malakand from the heavy load shedding schedule and issue orders to PESCO authorities in Malakand to insure the proper 220 V voltage supply in the region so that electric appliances could work properly.