NANKANA SAHIB - The district officer has cancelled the tenders for development projects costing Rs4.4 million allegedly for not being successful in getting kickbacks from the contractors who were used to giving bribe in this regard earlier. Contrary to the policy regarding awarding contracts, DO (Building) Kahlid Saddique Khan, who is additional executive district officer (works) as well, offered the contractors not to compete with one another and join their hands secretly by having a pool to get the contracts. In return, he demanded a huge sum in the shape of commission which has been a routine matter for the DO for a long time. In this way of corruption, millions of rupees are going to the personal pockets of such officers. Earlier, the Nankana Building Department had invited bids for the projects. On June 16, they were provided with tender documents to fill their minimum rates as tender documents are necessary to be filled to get the lowest prices from the contractors according to the government policy. On refusal from the contractors to have a pool, the DO started threatening them of being treated badly by his pen and authority. However, about 4 per cent of total cost of a development project is taken as bribe in advance before issuing work orders if contractors agree to have a pool. Therefore, the officer tried to convince the contractors, saying that he was not alone to digest the whole kickback but it would be distributed among all the officials concerned in the district government. Fortunately, the contractors including Muhammad Latif filled the tender documents without caring about the DOs threats. Afterwards, they appealed to the Nankana district coordination officer, chief secretary and Punjab chief minister to look into probe into the matter of corruption. The contractors also demanded return of the huge amount the officers had obtained from the contractors so far. However, the lowest prices are only possible by competitive rates thereby saving millions of national wealth so that contractors could not make a pool by disclosing their bids to one another. Such kind of pool by contractors can cause a loss of millions of rupees in different development projects being carried out in the country.