KARACHI - Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has to abruptly adjourn the budget session of the Sindh Assembly on Saturday after government and opposition legislators traded accusations. The articulated PML (F) lady legislator Syeda Marvi Rashdi, speaking on the budget, pointed out that a private TV had shown that Senior Education Minister Pir Mazhar ul Haq was watching a dance film on his eye pod during budget discussion in the assembly, which was a condemnable. Marvi Rashdi levelled the allegations against the Senior Minister when he was not present in the house. However, when Pir Mazhar came to know what was said by the lady opposition lawmaker against him, he urged the chair that he may be allowed to speak on a point of personal explanation. When speaker pointed out that no other matter could be taken up during budget discussion, Pir Mazhar argued that as the parliamentary party leader he may be allowed to speak. Speaker Nisar Khuhro accommodated the minister taking shelter behind a technical point that now the budget discussions was over as most of the members whose names were given to him have expressed their views on the budget and as some of them were not present in the house, he could allow Pir Mazhar to speak on the matter. After permission from the chair, Pir Mazhar ul Haq took a short at Marvi and said that it was regrettable that kinds, who knew nothing about the decorum of house, have entered the assembly. Upon which, the Speaker said that there were no kids in the house and there were all members. Pir Mazhar, who failed to give satisfactory reply on the point raised by the opposition lady, said that Islam did not permit backbiting. Upon which opposition leader Jam Madad Ali, who came in support of Rashdi, said that the minister should not spoil the otherwise congenial and peaceful atmosphere of the house and instead of criticising the member, the minister should criticised the TV Channel which aired such film. Without taking name, Pir Mazhar did not even spare Jam Madad Ali and giving a past reference said that it was his mistake that he had helped someone (Jam Madad Ali) to get leave from the assembly session. These remarks led to exchange of angry words between the Pir and the opposition leader Jam Madad. Taking cognisance of the situation Speaker Nisar Khuhro adjourned the house till Monday. Earlier, Sindh Minister for Inter Provincial Affairs, Makhdoom Jameel-uz-zaman, speaking on the budget referring to press reports, criticised the decision taken by the Council of Common Interests (CCI) that Sindh would give up 50 cusecs of water from of its shares to shoulder the water requirement of Islamabad. He announced that Sindh would not give a single drop of water from its share and the CCI will have to take back its decision. The concerned authorities release and stop water to Sindh whenever they like, he accused and said they release water when it was excess and stop when there was shortages. Presently, he said, Sindh was already facing water shortages. By doing so the minister said that federal bureaucracy wanted to spoil the reconciliatory atmosphere. Participating in the discussion, MQM lawmaker Abdul Moeed Siddiqui said as usual the bureaucracy has prepared the budget; but the MPAs were briefed about it before the budget documents were finalised. He said that though the budget documents showed a surplus but in reality it was otherwise. He lamented that the environment department was being ignored for the last three years and this year also eight schemes were not included in the budget. He said that the country and the province was facing severe energy crisis but no attention was being paid to harness alternate sources of energy which includes solar and wind energy which can bring some relief to the people and industries. Nishat Malik, Muhammad Ali Malkani, Abdul Karim Soomro, Muhammad Saif and Zubair Ahmed also spoke on the budget. After that the house was adjourned till Monday morning.