Justin Timberlake insists there are no particular qualities he looks for in a woman. The 30-year-old singer-and-actor - who has previously dated stars including Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears - enjoys meeting new people and is happy to go wherever life takes him because he cant understand the drama which surrounds relationships. He said: I dont know that Im looking for anything in particular. I think people are people and I enjoy meeting them. I dont know that theres a particular quality in a woman I would go for over any other. I think theres too much being made these days about being 'single or 'not single. Theres too much drama about it when it really shouldnt be much of an issue at all. Im just enjoying exploring my life right now and wherever that path ends up will be OK because thats where Ill have wanted it to end up. The 'Bad Teacher star - who shot to fame aged just 12 as a member of the 'All-New Mickey Mouse Club - turned 30 in January and admitted it has taken him until now to learn to relax and not seek acknowledgement in as many areas as possible. He added in an interview with HELLO magazine: Its an exciting time for me. I kind of had a feeling in my twenties that I wanted to do as much as I could, as fast as I could, and I did do a lot of amazing stuff. But now Im able to look at life and say, 'You know, I dont necessarily need to do everything. I dont feel the need to be validated any more, which is a great place to be. Since I wrapped 'Bad Teacher, I havent been doing a lot of work, Ive just been being. And thats very enjoyable. EPS