OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE City police have arrested a 25-year-old woman and her paramour in connection with the killing of her father, who was murdered in cold blood in South Cantonment police area about a month ago. The mystery of blind murder which took place Rahmatpura area, has been resolved as the killers have been arrested, police investigators said, adding, the daughter of the deceased and her paramour are being interrogated. Police sources said that the woman, identified as Misbah Bibi, confessed to the investigators that she along with her paramour Naveed had killed Shafaqat Ali at his residence. She also alleged that her father used to force her for prostitution. One month ago, Shafaqat Ali was found shot dead inside his residence under mysterious circumstances. The family had told the police that the deceased was present alone at his house when unidentified gunmen shot him dead and fled away. Police investigators said that they put the woman under surveillance, collected her cellular phone record and then arrested her paramour. Both the killers have confessed the killing. Further investigations are underway. Meanwhile, a youth gunned down his 18-year-old sister in what appeared to be an 'honour killing incident here in Green Town area, police said on Saturday. The police have arrested the killer and are investigating. Resident of Green Town (D-II), Adeel Ahmed shot dead his sister Iram Bibi while she was asleep in her bedroom, police investigators said. The girl was lying in a pool of blood on the bed as the police reached the crime scene. A milkman, Muhammad Siddique told the police that his son shot dead his daughter on the suspicion of her illicit relations with a youth. The killer confessed to the investigators that he put a pillow on the face of his sister and shot her in the temple. The girl died on the spot. The police have removed the body to the morgue for an autopsy. The police have also registered the case on the complaint of father of the deceased. Further investigations are underway. Meanwhile, a mother of four was killed while three other people sustained serious injuries when a rashly driven truck hit them here in Shafiqabada police vicinity. Police and rescue workers said that a man and three women were crossing the road when a recklessly driven truck hit them at Bund Road. One of the women, later identified as Rukayya Bibi, died on the spot while her husband Abdul Sattar and two other close relatives sustained injuries and were rushed to a local hospital. The police reached the spot and impounded the truck and arrested the driver. Further investigations are underway.