A Class 4 student was sodomised and tortured to death by some cruel accused here in Ali Nagar locality the other day. According to details, 12-year-old Shalone Masih, son of Zafar Masih Gill went out of home to play but did not return. However, his parents started search for him till sunset but to no avail. Meanwhile, Zafar Masih Gill reported the matter to the Saddr Police but the police took it as routine matter. In the night Zafar Masih received two missed calls from unknown numbers. He, however, gave both the unknown phone numbers to the police but the police did not move. The next day, after 24 hours, some workers spotted the dead body of the child in a field near Nullah Palkhoo and informed the parents. Zafar Masih immediately informed the police but it again did not care. After a long await the aggrieved father took the body from the field and placed it on Ahmad Nagar Road, blocking the road for all kind of traffic against the indifference and apathy of the police. A large number of locals and by-passers also joined the protesting family and shouted slogans against the police, terming it a mere a parasite on the national exchequer. Protest brought vehicular traffic to a standstill for more than one hour. Meanwhile, ASP Atiq Tahir and Saddr Police SHO Saif Ullah Virk reached the spot and assured the protesters of tracing and arresting the culprits. At which protesters dispersed while the family took the dead body to THQ Hospital. Later, the body was handed over to the family after autopsy. According the medical report, the innocent boy was sodomised and tortured to death.