SAWT - A natural follow-up question irritates ordinary PTI supporters and a common man ‘why were the choices so limited that Imran Khan had to rely on a traditional politician to lead the model government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

How can the problem (past political leadership) be a part of the solution? A little perspective to the dilemma may help readers understand why the face of change in KPK appears ‘more of the same.’

Chanting slogans for change, good governess and establishing Naya Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, KPK Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak emerged the first to react against his party manifesto and the vision of Imran Khan. 

The chief minister transferred Swat DPO Gul Afzal Khan Afridi when he refused to bow to him.

The CM showed the attitude of traditional politicians who opted to use their powers for personnel gain, showing that he had no intention for change.

According to sources, Khattak called Swat DPO Gul Afzal khan Afridi and said: “Your behaviour is not good while answering the question of CM. The DPO replied: “Sir my behaviour is good enough.”

But the CM repeated the same remarks. The DPO replied ‘if the CM has any doubt over his behaviour, he could consult his superiors’. 

The CM said: “You are not cooperating with my MPA’s. The DPO replied: “Sir I will treat everyone according to the law and will never violate merit for few.” The CM remarked: “You know I can sack you or transfer you.”

The DPO bluntly said: “You will do your work and I will perform my duty with dedication and never bow to any influential”.  Sources said that the CM was speaking in harsh tune and threatened the DPO of dismissal.

It is learnt that after the conversation with the CM, the DPO received a phone call from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Inspector General Office and the registrar informed him that he was transferred and his transfer letter was faxed to him

DPO Gul Afzal Afridi is a brave and duty full officer who performs his duties efficiently.

During his tenure in Swat, he arrested many militants, strengthened the investigation system of police and brought the crime rate down. He maintained interaction with the people and made himself available to the media. He cleared Swat valley off dacoits and drugs sellers but was transferred due to political interference.

The people are disappointed at his transfer and say that the system cannot be changed in Pakistan.

The DPO told TheNation that after CM’s call, IGP Peshawar Office Registrar called him and said that his transfer order was faxed and he should leave his charge.

When contacted on phone, Javed Khaki, press secretary of the CM, said that the CM was not available and he would check with him about the matter.  But when called again, he could not get the opinion of the CM and said he was busy.