It is shameful to see double standards being practiced in our government organizations in dealing with important issues, especially if it requires them to work harder. Security has become the number one concern of every citizen of Pakistan as it has taken many lives but we are still seeing unregistered or fake registered cars roaming in Peshawar area. These cars mostly carry fake LEV, LOV, LHR, etc Lahore number plates, but since all number plates have been replaced by new digital ones these are clearly fake. There should have been a government directive to apprehend such cars or to take them of the road or perhaps asking them to get registered and have new number plates. Sadly, no action has been taken and the Peshawar Traffic Police seem oblivious to these cars. They also include Sindh, Karachi, AFR, and other old style number plates. Ironically, on one side the Police of Peshawar are trying to curb terrorism in the city, but most of the terrorists use fake registered car to enter the city limits, which are not kept under control by Traffic Police. Federal Bureau of Revenue should also get into action as they are constantly saying that they need to raise revenue, and have even gone for idiotic ideas of giving amnesty to all unregistered cars in Pakistan for a small flat fee, but let’s not forget that this is the same organisation that is not chasing the unregistered cars in Peshawar. And this is the same organisation that is not looking into the tax records of these unregistered car owners, since most of the unregistered cars are very expensive ones.Even the Pakistan Army, (which should be more security conscious) that secures the Peshawar Cantonment area has double standards, at some places they diligently check the employee’s special stickers at check-posts, for people entering the area, but on the other hand they allow free access to all these fake registered cars to enter cantonment area. Since the digitization of car registration has been implemented in KPK and Punjab, all old style number plates should become illegal. I would like to request the government to take this issue seriously to avoid further acts of terrorism in the province.SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, June 12.