The vendors and shopkeepers have encroached on footpaths in different commercial areas of the city, creating hurdles and problems not only for pedestrians but also hampering the smooth flow of traffic.The shopkeepers and vendors on Karyal Road, Main Bazaar and Toyota Stand Road have encroached on the footpath. The shopkeepers display goods on pavements while vendors put up stalls on footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk in the middle of the roads. The shopkeepers are also collecting heavy amounts in shape of rent and advance from vendors. In the same way these encroachments also causing traffic jams in the city. “When footpaths are cleared by force, vendors return after a short break. Even widening roads has proved to be of little use as encroachers are quick to set up shop,” said Aslam, a hawker outside the main bazaar. The role of department concerned is not up to mark and traffic police officials are found absent from their duties. The residents of the area demanded the TMA to launch anti-encroachment campaign in this regard. They also demanded the higher authorities to check traffic police duties in the city and appoint officers on all entry points of city to control unwanted traffic in the city area in the public interest.