Heaps of garbage and dilapidated buildings are main features of the fruit and vegetable market here and the roofs of the shops are in a shambles, it is learnt. The Tehsil Municipal Administration collects Rs6 million as revenue every year from this market but allegedly does not spend a single penny for the development of the market. After the recent rains, the fruit market has become a rubbish place as stagnant water is seen everywhere. The rains hit the market three days ago but no development work has been carried on yet. The administration has been repeatedly complained but to no avail, regretted the venders. Moreover, the sellers and the buyers have to work in the same atmosphere in stagnant water. A piece of land was allocated for fruit market 10 years ago out of the city at Burewala Road but no development has so far been started. Due to the fruit market in the city area, accidents take place. The market also lacks proper drainage and sewerage system. Market Committee members Sheikh Muhammad Saleem, President Sheikh Muhammad Ramzan, Baba Razaq, Secretary-General Abdul Aziz and Tariq Mehmood demanded early start of development work in the market.