Sartaj Aziz has said that one of the most important underlying causes of today’s loadshedding was, in fact, the energy policy launched by the PPP government in 1994. How many oil guzzling IPPs were inducted with indecent haste, upsetting the energy mix, without realising that crude oil price would soar from $10 to $100 per barrel? No long term hydel projects were launched to correct the energy mix in the future. The result is that today most of the electricity is being generated, with very expensive imported oil at Rs18 per unit, forcing the government to subsidise the cost by half, giving rise to a circular debt of billions of rupees. But the man in the street does not read newspaper columns, and no PML-N leader has tried to tell the people the actual cause of the misery that they are suffering. No wonder they are venting their anger at the new government. This silence on the part of PML-N will cost it heavily. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 12.