LAHORE -   The PPP Secretary General Sardar Latif Khosa on Tuesday took strong exception to Chief Minister Punjab’s remarks referring to the Saraiki Movement as a ‘Saraiki drama’. 

“The Chief Minister owes an explanation to the people of the region, as the people would take it as an insult to injury”, Khosa said in a statement.

He said that the Punjab Chief Minister had totally exposed himself and his designs of keeping the Southern Punjab under the yoke of Takhat-i-Lahore, caring less for the political and economic deprivation of the people of the region.

Khosa said that Shahbaz Sharif’s disregard for the people of the region was clear from the fact that no provision has been made in the provincial budget for development of Fort Munroe, a hill resort equivalent to Murree in height.

He demanded that Fort Munroe Development Authority should be constituted on the pattern of Murree Development Authority devoted to develop the hilly town.

Urging the government to implement the two Punjab Assembly resolutions for the creation of two provinces in South Punjab, Khosa said that the people of region would prevent ruler’s plans of the continuity of their exploitation.

He further said that their betrayal regarding the implementation of the resolutions as promised before and during the election campaign would expose them to the core ,adding, that his party would not let them off the hook keeping in view the long standing demand of the people.

Latif Khosa said that his party was convinced that the political and economic deprivation of the people of saraiki wasseb could only be addressed by creating new province and the PPP would not disappoint them come what may.