The Lahore High Court on Tuesday took notice of the burning of a 32-years-old woman over dowry in the suburban area of the provincial capital. The LHC directed the district and sessions judge concerned to probe the matter and submit a detailed report about police performance.

On June 9, The Nation reported that a group of people took burnt Aqeela to the press club to vent their rage over the in-laws’ atrocity for dowry. Ejaz Akhtar, a resident of Barki Hadyara, said the greedy for dowry in-laws burnt his 32-year-old daughter one and a half years after her marriage to Ghulam Rasool. He alleged that the police took bribe and declared innocent the culprits. However, the police said that the main accused Faiz got bail.

Taking the notice over the brutality, the LHC Complaint Cell directed the district and sessions judge concerned to look into the matter. The cell also sought report on police performance with the judge’s own comment.