LAHORE- Another four kids lost to measles in the province, taking toll to 159 on Tuesday. 

Kaswa, seven months, a resident of Okara, breathed her last at the Lahore Children’s Hospital. Reportedly, three measles patients died at the Faisalabad Allied Hospital.

Another 210 new measles patients were brought to different hospitals in the province including 38 in Lahore. So far 18,195 measles cases have been reported from across the province including 5,247 in Lahore where the government concluded successful vaccination campaign in May.

On Monday, A labourer lost three kids to measles and another four have been battling for life at the Sargodha DHQ Hospital. The deceased are named as 10-year-old Guria, six-year-old Rimsha and two-year-old Sunaira.

Father-of-seven Sultan Ali is a resident of Laksian in Sargodha. His four kids Sabir Ali, Jabir Ali, Ali Hassan and Sumaira, are reported critical at the DHQ Hospital.

After having wreaked havoc in Sindh, the monster has been on a killing spree in Punjab; and the most populous and ‘developed’ province has been deprived of more than twelve dozens lives since the onslaught. In January, a PPP minister admitted in the Senate that ‘poor handling’ had resulted in the outbreak of measles, which had killed 232 children in 11 districts of Sindh. He praised the governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for ‘better management’ of the epidemic, now one wonders on what grounds.

Hearing a plea for constituting a judicial commission (JC) to probe the measles deaths, the Lahore High Court sought reply from the Punjab government until June 25. Judicial Activism Panel chairman Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed the application in his already pending petition against government failure in controlling the epidemic that not a single child should be died due to negligence of the government.

The Applicant submitted that JC consist of retired Judge or Judges alongwith other independent experts who are impartial, unbiased and fair reputation may be constituted in order to probe into the matter in depth as the issue is of immense sensitivity. He also requested that the health authorities should be directed to file a comprehensive report so that this court may reach at just and fair findings in the title case, in order to enforce fundamental rights.

He submitted that the future of our next generations is at stake and the world was already raising fingers towards us due to medicines scam of Punjab Institute of Cardiology. We do not afford another episode of same nature as it would lead to disaster. He said that day in and day out number of deaths are increasing on account of mismanagement, irregularity, illegalities and illegal procurement of unwarranted vaccines. He said that out brake of the disease on such a large scale may not be uncontrolled but in the instant case, it is become out of control due to mismanagement, misappropriation of public money and other vested interests by the accused persons, therefore, the court should direct the respondents to swing into action for taking the culprits to gallows.

He submitted that as the matter is involved is of higher sensitivity and life of the future generation is at stake, therefore, justice and equity deems that JC should be constituted so that each and every aspect of the matter may be evaluated on the basis available with different departments in order to reach at conclusive finding.

Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court on Monday disposed of contempt of court petition against secretary health as he was informed that they have regularized 69 pharmacists in line with the court’s order.

The pharmacists had filed contempt of court petition submitting that they were appointed after qualifying Punjab Public Service Commission examination. They said a single bench of the LHC had directed the government to regularize them, however, the health department challenged the order through an appeal. A division bench had dismissed the appeal but the department did not implement the order of the single bench.