ISLAMABAD- A large number of visitors at Benazir Bhutto International Airport have appealed to the higher authorities to take notice of prices of commodities at the airport tuck shops, which are charging exorbitant prices of different food items.

They said that the shopkeepers at these tuck shops are charging thrice the prices of different eatables and other goods available in the open market. The people complained that these shopkeepers don't display a rate list of their commodities.

Talking to APP, various visitors complained that these shopkeepers are getting huge profits by charging three times higher amount on commodities, as compared to the open market.

"There is a complaint office at the airport, but we think the concerned authorities are not ready to take any action against them," they said.

Azra Arif visiting Benazir Bhutto International Airport to see off her relatives, said, "I purchased a packet of chips for Rs.40, which is easily available in the open market for Rs.15 and a packet of juice for Rs.80, which is also available in the market at only Rs.20." Although, she said the retail prices are mentioned on the packets of chips and juice, but the shopkeepers are charging higher prices.

"These shopkeepers are pretending that they were paying higher rents of these shops that's why they charge higher amount to meet their expenses," she added.

Azra said these shopkeepers are also selling other items especially coffee, tea and bottled drinking water at higher prices and it seems that there is no one to check the prices at these stalls. The shopkeepers refused to comment over the issue when they were asked to give reason of charging higher prices.