Central Superior Services (CSS) exams make or break the future of our youngsters; many people in the country sit for these exams with high hopes for a bright future. A couple of weeks ago the result for CSS 2012 were announced but they raised many objections over the authenticity of the result. I am flabbergasted to know that I got 427 position in Pakistan in the merit list. What was more shocking was that two students from Sindh, who I know personally, have been able to achieve good positions. They are said to be related to the chairman FPSC and President Asif Ali Zardari, their teachers said that both were not recommended to appear in the examination as they had not prepared and were not up to the level required for a CSS student. So what comes to mind is how it was possible for them to get such good positions? Moreover other students with them during the psychological assessment reported that they were very confused when they came out of the examining room sure that they would flunk, but they were given more than 200 numbers in interview. It has also been said by some that the chairman FPSC has indulged in favoritism. This act will give boost to favoritism and nepotism and discourage intelligent and competent students from joining the civil services. DR IRFAN ALMANI, Lahore, June 12.