LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Sher Ali Khan Gorchani said on Tuesday the government has been taking concrete steps to counter loadshedding and that its duration will soon begin to come down.

Talking to newsmen here, Gorchani asked the people to keep their patience as the government was well aware of their issues and had been doing its best for their readdress. “Pakistan is already economically weak and cannot afford any further financial losses through agitation and arson of public and private property,” he added.

The deputy speaker said the problem of loadshedding rooted in the dictatorial era of Pervez Musharraf and became aggravated during the ‘NRO-infected’ subsequent government of PPP.

The energy crisis, he said, would take some time for a complete solution. The PML-N government had been employing every means to end this crisis despite scarcity of resources and a number of other woes besetting the country.

About the Punjab budget, Gorchani said the government had taken special care of the people of South Punjab by allocating a hefty Rs93billion for development schemes in that part of the province.

The deputy speaker further said the people of South Punjab trusted Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif in the last election and these leaders were determined to provide for them and remove backwardness of the South Punjab.

He said revolutionary measures to improve agriculture had been proposed in the budget and these measures would principally benefit millions of farmer of South Punjab.